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April Asia-Indonesia-Hyperspectral Imager Group Photo

Hyperspectral Imager Installing & Testing at April Asia-Indonesia

Training for Spectroradiometer at UPM

Reflectance Measurement Demo at UPM

Spectroradiometer leaf clip Measurement Training at UiTM Johor

Indoor Spectroradiometer Training at UiTM Johor

Hyperspectral and Drone Training at VAST-Vietnam Group Photo

Before Flying Instruction at VAST-Vietnam

Hyperspectral Training at AIT Thailand

Aurora Liquid Handling system at Mediven Penang

Hyperspectral Training and Testing at VGU Vietnam University Group photo

DJI Matrix Drone with Hyperspectral Imager

Spectrometer Training at VGU Vietnam

SFE commissioning at Curtin University Sarawak

SFE Pump Checking at Curtin University Sarawak

Hyperspectral with Drone Training at NTU Singapore

Spectrometer Sample testing at NTU Singapore

Drone flying mode with Hyperspectral Imager at MARDI

Drone Before flying Instruction at MARDI