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NIR Quest512-2.5 Spectrometer


The NIRQuest512-2.5 is a versatile spectrometer, covering the range from 900-2500 nm, and optical resolution of 6.3 nm FWHM.


Specification Of NIR Quest 512-2.5

Engineering Specifications



182 x 110 x 47 mm


1.18 kg (without power supply)


Hamamatsu G9208-512W
InGaAs linear array

Wavelength range:

900-2500 nm w/Grating NIR1

Integration time:

1 ms – 200 ms

Signal-to-noise ratio:

10000:1 @ 100 ms integration

Dark noise:

16 RMS counts@ 10 ms;
24 RMS counts@ 30 ms

Grating – standard:

Grating NIR1, 75 l/mm, 1075-2500 nm

Grating – custom:

NIR2, NIR3, NIR10, NIR11, NIR12 and NIR13

Standard slit:

25 µm

Custom slits:

10 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm and 200 µm
(or no slit)


OF1-RG830 longpass NIR filter (optional)

Optical resolution:

~6.3 nm FWHM w/25 µm slit


Applications of NIR Quest 512

Agricultural Measurements and Monitoring
Biotechnology Applications
Food & Beverage Quality Control
Medical Diagnostics 
Metallurgical Analysis
Polymer Analysis
Teaching Labs