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Portable Mass Spectrometer


The Portability mass spectrometer is one of BaySpec’s newest portable instruments.  Designed to bring the benefits of MS chemical analysis to the field, the portability can service a variety of bulk or trace detection applications with its compact form factor and intuitive user software. Small enough to be carried by one person, the portability is compatible with in-situ and direct analysis techniques.


Key Features

ppb-level detection
Person portable with battery power
Linear Ion Trap Technology
17 lbs., 13 in × 11 in × 9 in


Full Detail

The portable/transportable MS is the latest innovation from BaySpec’s 15 years’ belief in “bring labs to samples”. Using core technology that was developed from laboratory-based instruments, the Portability is small enough to be used in the field and still offers ppb-level detection and compatibility with in situ and real-time detection methods. The convenience, affordability, efficiency, and ease of in-field sample analysis will save time and reduce cost.


Application Notes with Transportable Mass Spectrometer:

 Toxin Detection on Cannabis Leaves with Portability Mass Spectrometer
Residual Pesticide Detection on Fruits and Vegetabels
Peptide Sequencing with Portable Mass Spectrometer
Mycotoxin Detection in Wheat Flour with Portability Mass Spectrometer 
 Drug Screening Using Portable Mass Spectrometer for Supervised Site