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The PSR+ The Ultimate Portable Spectroradiometer


The NEW PSR+ Series of spectroradiometers features a new standard for remote sensing applications in the field.

Our sleek, compact design results in an full range NIR agricultural spectroradiometer that’s easier to handle and operate – there’s no better instrument for field work whether you are ground truthing satellite or flyover hyperspectral data, engaging in vegetation studies, performing canopy research, studying crop health and climate change, doing soil analysis – potential applications are virtually endless.

The PSR+ not only looks and feels great, we’ve also enhanced performance and reliability. System cooling has been enhanced with the new unibody anodized aluminum chassis with integral heat dispersion channels.

Our new proprietary Sotex™ filter technology delivers improved order sorting for enhanced stray light performance and smoother transition between detectors.

PSR+ 3500 Spectroradiometer



Spectral resolution for the PSR+ is enhanced for high resolution scans:

  • 2.8nm @ 700nm (FWHM)
  • 8nm @ 1500nm (FWHM)
  • 6nm @ 2100nm (FWHM)

Our signal-to-noise ratio is best-in-class and auto-shutter, auto- exposure, and auto-dark exposure provide one-touch operation. With no moving optical parts and an improved optical path it is ideal for field use no matter what the conditions.

The PSR+ can be combined with a wide range of accessories, including a range of FOV options such as direct attaching 4, 8, or 14° lenses, 25° fiber optic, diffuser, or integrating sphere. Fiber mount options include 1,2,3,4,5,8,and 10° lenses. It can be used with a sample contact probe, pistol grip, leaf clip, or benchtop probe with sample compactor. The PSR+ stores up to 1,000 spectra without a computer and can be used with a laptop, tablet, or the GETAC microcomputer with digital camera, voice note recording, altimeter and more/ All scans and associated data are stored as ASCII files for use with other third party programs, like ENVI or chemometrics software.

Our optional EZ-ID sample identification software with Custom Library Builder module is also available for quickly and the easily creating a specific spectral library unique to your application, for example a library of known vegetation samples or a soil sample library.


Specification Of PSR+3500  Portable Spectroradiometer


Application of PSR+3500 Spectroradiometer

Vegetation studies
Ground truthing
Environmental research
Forage analysis
Soil analysis
Analysis of plant health
Estimation of grass chlorophyll
Microbial diversity research
Plant species identification
Forestry studies
Measuring biomass