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DX UV/Green Series Nanosecond Lasers


DX UV/Green Series Nanosecond Lasers


A pioneer of intracavity UV generation with 25 + years of manufacturing experience and well over ten thousand shipments worldwide, Photonics Industries offers the broadest nanosecond (ns) UV product selection from 1W* to 55W at 355nm and Green product selection from 2W* to 100W at 532nm.

With new revolutionary packaging, our new DX Series has smaller form factor, higher performance, shorter pulse widths compared to its ancestor, the DSH series, providing the most compact 15W to 55W of UV and 25W to 100W of Green output power with short pulse width -- in addition to longer pulse versions.

Owing to key patented technologies that provide non-consumable THG crystals with no indexing required, intracavity harmonic generation is an inherently more efficient harmonic conversion that provides better pulse-to-pulse stability and mode quality in a simple, compact laser configuration.

With standard Total Pulse Control features such as PEC and Duty Control, pulse energy and pulse width, which can be held constant over wide ranges of repetition rates for tight process control at fast speeds. Higher power and faster throughput contributes to a low cost of operation.

The All-In-One (AIO) design combines common optical, electrical and command interfaces in a rugged industrial package for simple integration into 24/7 precision micromachining in extended production cycle environments.


                                                            PI Advantages                                                                 

High Power (up to 55W) UV and (up to 100W) Green laser
The most compact rugged All-in-One ns laser
The Highest Pulse Energy UV ns laser on the market >1mJ@50kHz

The highest wall plug efficiency ns laser:

~17% for green

~10% for UV

Patented intracavity UV generation
Excellent TEM00 beam with typical M² < 1.2
Superior stability < 2%
Exceptional Beam Pointing Stability < 25 μrad
Total pulse control (PEC, Duty Control, etc.)



ITO Patterning
Flex PCB de-paneling, cutting and PCB drilling
Via Hole Drilling
Ceramic scribing, cutting and drilling
Solar Cell Scribing and PERC Processing

Silicon Wafer Scribing and Singulation

             Full-cut wafer dicing

             Low-k dielectric grooving

UV reel to reel on the fly Converting process
Metal foil cutting and Copper processing
Glass and ceramic processing, cutting and drilling
UV Welding Carbon Fiber (CFRP)


DX System Specifications @ 355nm

Model                                       DX-355-15         DX-355-20         DX-355-28         DX-355-40         DX-355-50

Output Characteristics

Average Power

15W at 50kHz    20W at 50kHz    28W at 60kHz    40W at 60kHz

10W at 100kHz  18W at 100kHz  23W at 100kHz  40W at 100kHz 5W at 200kHz                10W at 200kHz  18W at 200kHz             22W  at 200kHz

50W at 70kHz

50W at 100kHz 30W  at 200kHz

Pulse Energy

~0.3mJ             ~0.4mJ              ~0.6mJ              ~1mJ


Pulse Width (nominal)

12 ± 3ns@50kHz                                    12 ± 3ns@50kHz

20 ± 3ns@100kHz                                  20 ± 4ns@100kHz


Repetition Rate†

Single Shot to 200 kHz (Option to 300kHz)


Pulse to Pulse Stability

< 2% rms


Long Term Stability (8 hr ± 1° C)

< ±2%


Beam Characteristics

Polarization Ratio



Horizontal; > 100:1

4σ Beam Diameter @ exit (nominal)


~ 0.6 mm**

~ 2.5 mm

Beam Divergence (Full Angle Far Field)

<1.5 mrad


<1 mrad

Beam Circularity



~ 90%

Spatial Mode



TEM00 M²<1.2

Beam Pointing Stability



< 25 μrad

Operating Specifications


Interface                                                               Ethernet / RS 232 / GUI / External TTL Triggering


Warm Up Time                                                  <15 minutes from stand by, < 30 minutes from cold start

Electrical Requirement


100 to 240V AC

Line Frequency


50 to 60 Hz

Relative Humidity


Non-condensing, 90% Max

Power Consumption (excluding chiller)

< 240 W typical

< 320 W typical < 420 W typical < 600 W typical

Ambient Temperature                                               15°C to 35°C (59° to 95°F) Operating Range


Storage Conditions                                   -10°C to 40°C; Sea Level to 12,000 m; 0% to 90%  RH, non-condensing

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (W x H x L)

7.5 in x 3.75 in x 16 in

8.5 in x 3.75 in x 20 in


29 lbs

43 lbs