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IoT Based SR-8800 field spectroradiometer


The SR-8800 uses its IoT operating system to control the pistol grip functionality so that any user can get consistent scans. The IoT uses a WiFi network accessed by an Android device, iPhone or tablet for controlling the system and downloading data stored on the instrument.

The SR-8800 spectroradiometer operates in the 350-2500nm band with high resolution and sensitivity. Of special note is the ability to control your instrument from an IOS or Android smartphone or tablet. In combination with the new Sensaprobe™ grip, researchers can access and store a picture of the sample and its GPS location, in addition to the scan data. An ultrasonic sensor together with live camera view of the sample ensure that your measurements are precise and repeatable.

SR-8800 Spectroradiometer Specifications

Spectral Range



2.8nm @ 700nm

Spectral Resolution—FWHM

8nm @ 1500nm

(Full Width at Half Maximum)

6nm @ 2100nm

Si Detector

512 element Si photodiode array (350–1000nm)

InGaAs Detectors (cooled)

256 element extended wavelength photodiode array (1000–1900nm)

256 element extended wavelength photodiode array (1900-2500nm)

Fiber Mount Options

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10° FOV Lenses, irradiance diffuser

Noise Equivalence Radiance

0.8x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @400nm

(1.2m fiber)

1.2x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @1500nm


1.8x10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @2100nm

Max Radiance @ 700nm (1.2m fiber)

2.0x10-4 W/cm2/nm/sr

Minimum Scan Speed

100 milliseconds

Wavelength Reproducibility


Wavelength Accuracy

±0.5 bandwidth

Communications Interface

USB or WiFi– communicate with iPhone or Android


31.5 x 22.9 x 38.7 cm


Less than 5kg


Lithium ion; 7.4V—rechargeable

Angle measurement range & accuracy

0.15 degree accuracy on both axis of Tilt sensor

Distance measurement range & accuracy

Resolution of 1 inch or 2 cm on the range finder

Solar angle accuracy

Within 1°

GPS positioning accuracy

±3 meters accuracy

Camera parameters

VGA with resolution of 640x480 pixels

Bluetooth /WiFi working distances

Class 1, 100m range


Spectral Evolution’s Exclusive Sensa probe Grip Makes Measurements Consistent

Applications Of SR-8800 Spectroradiometer

Environmental research
Ground truthing – confirming, disputing, or interpreting hyperspectral or multi-spectral data
Agricultural analysis
Ecosystem change
Forestry research, including canopy studies
Glacial change and climate studies
Atmospheric research
Vicarious satellite sensor validation
Water body studies
Plant species identification
Soil degradation, mapping, and monitoring