AB MagPure Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Aurora’s AB MagPure Viral RNA Extraction Kit (or AB MagPure Viral RNA Isolation Kit) uses magnetic bead technology to provide a simple and straight-forward solution to extract virus nucleic acids. RNA extraction from a large number samples is labour intensive and is often a bottleneck. The AB MagPure Virus RNA Isolation Kit reliably isolates and purifies high quality viral RNA from a wide range of samples types including body fluids, tissue homogenate and sample transport solutions. The optimized chemistry of the reagents ensures pure DNA is selectively bound to the paramagnetic bead particles, and impurities are efficiently removed by a series of quick wash steps. This nucleic acid extraction kits have been optimized for manual and automated laboratory workflows for a complete walk-away solution. This sensitive and dependable kit enables researchers to generate high quality results in downstream applications including cDNA synthesis and RT-qPCR. The AB MagPure Virus RNA Extraction Kit is ideally suited for the extraction of RNA from patient samples suspected of COVID-19 infection.


  • Sample Volume: 200μL
  • Starting Material: Body fluid, tissue homogenate and sample transport solutions
  • Elution Volume: 30-60μL
  • Processing mode: manual or automated

     Key Feature & Benefits

  • Efficient extraction of high quality RNA
  • Compatible with automation, with ready-to-go package for COVID-19
  • Magnetic beads based RNA isolation
  • 200 extractions per kit