About Us

ORNET is incorporated in Malaysia dedicated in providing solutions for Scientific Lab equipment and Instruments focusing on Spectroscopy, Hyperspectal Camera & Imaging System, Fiber Optics Photonics, Laser System, Opt-Electronics, Bio-Photonics, Bio-Technology and Related Software Services. Our knowledge in fiber optics photonics encouraged us to expand into Fiber Optics in Telecommunication field. ORNET is one of the few companies in Malaysia Specializing in this area. We strongly believe that taking care of Customer needs and Satisfaction in the ultimate goal of our business.

We at ORNET have almost one decade of experience developing customer-define measurement configurations with a long history of consulting with client across diverse industries and application, ORNET is an experienced partner, equipped to guide customer who want a solution tailored to their application and research needs. We believed that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our business.

ORNET is one of few companies specializing in this field in South East Asia, as we actively market our products and services to customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh and India. We serve a wide range of markets including Universities, Industrial Customer, Manufacturing Sector, Telecommunication field, Multinational Organization and system integrators as well as large R & D institution ORNET has an established customer base in both government and private institutions.

Looking forward to be your partner.