ARCoptix FT-IR Rocket

Mid-IR Fourier-transform spectrometer (2-6 or 2-12 µm)

If you are looking for high performance & compact Mid-IR spectrometer, that can operate both free-space or with IR optical fibers, the ARCoptix FT-IR Rocket is the instrument that you need. Thanks to its permanently aligned interferometer and solid-state reference laser, the FT-MIR Rocket offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. Two spectral ranges are available, depending on your needs for high sensitivity or broad spectral range.


ModelsFT-MIR 2-6
Beam-splitter materialCaF2ZnSe
Spectral Range [cm-1]5000 - 17005000 - 830
Spectral Range [μm]2-62-12
Detector TypeMCT (2-TE cooled)MCT (4-TE cooled)
Detector D* [cm Hz1/2W-1]>1x1011>2.5x109
SNR> 1:5'000i> 1:3'000ii
Recommended fiberCIR (chalcogenide) fibers (1-6μm)PIR (polycrystalline) fibers (3-18μm)
Interferometer typePermanently aligned, double retro-reflector design
Resolution (unapodized) [cm-1 ]4
Wavenumber repeatability<10PPM
Scan frequency1 spectrum / second
Control laserTemperature-stabilized solid-state laser @850nm
A/D Converter24 bit
Amplifier4 gain levels low noise trans-impedance amplifier
Operating temperature10°C-40°C
Free-space interfaceØ 12.7mm collimated (max ~30mrad half angle)
Removable fiber-optic couplerFiber core up to Ø 1mm, NA=0.25, SMA 905 connector
Purge gas connectors2 connectors for 4mm OD tubes
Power requirement7.5V-12V / 6W
Communication InterfaceUSB 2.0
Software InterfaceWindows XP/7/8
API for controlling the instrument via our DLL
Dimensions180mm x 160mm x 80mm


  • Two detector choices: 2-6µm or 2-12µm
  • Very good sensitivity (2-stage & 4-stage cooled MCT detectors)
  • High resolution of 4cm-1
  • Excellent stability in intensity and wavelength
  • Removable fiber coupler for operation with fibers or free-space IR beams

Applications Of FT-IR Spectrometer

  • Mid-IR Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) for MIR Lasers & LED
  • Liquid, thin-film or gas measurement
  • Material identification and quantification in various fields such as geology
  • Food and beverage industry