ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket 0.9-2.6µm

Fibered near-infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer

The HR4000CG-UV-NIR spectrometer is perfect for applications where fast measurements and high resolution are needed.

If you are looking for high performance, compact and affordable NIR spectrometer, the ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket is the instrument that you need. Thanks to its permanently aligned interferometer and solid-state reference laser, the FT-NIR Rocket offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. The FT-NIR Rocket fibered spectrometer is compatible with light sources and sampling accessories typically used with array-detector based NIR spectrometers. Experience the high-quality spectra of our FT-NIR!


Interferometer typePermanently aligned with dual retro-reflector
DetectorExtended type InGaAs photodiode
(Optionally 1- or 2-stage TE-cooled)
Reference laserSolid-state, 680nm
(optionally TE temperature stabilized)
Spectral range0.9−2.6µm (11000−3850cm-1) i
Resolution8 cm-1 (optionally 4cm-1)
Minimum measurement cycle time1 sec
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)>10’000:1ii
Wave number repeatability<10 PPM with optional temperature stabilized control laser iii
Optical fiber inputSMA 905 connector, up to 1mm fiber core
diameter, NA=0.25
Communication interfaceUSB 2.0
Power requirements7.5-12V (1-6W depending on versions)
Software interfaceWindows XP/Vista/7/8 software
Operating temperature / humidity5 to 35C / non condensing
Storage temperature-10 to 60C
Dimensions180mm x 126mm x 78mm
Weight1.7 KG


  • Broad wavelength range 0.9-2.6µm
  • High resolution of 8cm-1 (<1nm@1µm to <5nm@2.5 µm)
  • Excellent stability in intensity and wavelength
  • Very good sensitivity (very well adapted for diffuse reflectance)
  • Very compact and rugged, easy to use

Applications Of FT-NIR Spectrometer-Arcoptix

  • Transmission, diffuse reflectance
  • Light source measurement (NIR Lasers, LED, Solar,…)
  • Material identification and quantification in various fields such as geology
  • Food and beverage industry