Fiber Access Terminal (FAT, OTP-8 Fibers)

2 Inlet/8 Outlet

Optical Termination Panel Box ST-OTP Series is designed to distribute subscribers’ lines effectively via optical PLC splitters. The high impact and light-weight plastic box enables field installers to connect drop cables easy and efficiently.

Inner space of the box is utilized maximally using hinged panel tray. Made by high-strength plastic(High-intensity PC + ASA) to prevent from peeling and insect-gnawing as well for anti-UV rays. Comply with IP65

Technical Specifications (2 Inlet/8 Outlet)

External Dimension ( W×D×H )Packing Size : 228 × 193 × 59 ( mm )
Possible CableMax 2ea ( Cable Diameter 3mm ~ 13mm )
Outgoing Ports For Drop CablesMax 8ea
Splice TrayMechanical / Fusion ( Slot No : 9ea )