The Helix is made up of several “base” components. The basic components are put together in a variety of standard or custom configurations to make a unit to perform a specific function.

With the base system you will be able to use the same components to do separations and extractions as well as make nanoparticles, but not at the same time. This means on one day you can do extractions and on another day you can make nanoparticles.

Base Unit

The compact Base Unit, measuring 10″w X 16″d X 34″h is the starting platform for operations. Pressure vessel assemblies up to 1 liter are placed on the base unit’s shelf. Input, output and vent lines are controlled by shutoff valves located on the front of the unit. Digital temperature and pressure indicators also on the front of the unit show pressure and temperature.

Pressure vessels are heated by specially designed band heaters which are plugged into the front of the base unit making for easy access. An additional CO2 preheater is employed to ensure that the CO2 is at the designed temperature before entering the pressure vessel. A back pressure regulator controls the flow of gaseous CO2 if exiting to ambient collection or regulating the pressure in a downstream pressure vessel (e.g. cyclone separator).

A base unit with its vessel assembly can be linked to other base units for additional processing capabilities: cyclone separators, precipitation vessel, expansion vessel, etc.