ORNET Malaysia provides two types of hyperspectral camera solutions which are pushbroom & snapshot imagers that covers the UV, VIS, NIR & SWIR region.  They are high resolution, ultra compact and cost-effective, have high precision, low distortion, low stray light, and excellent image quality.

Our hyperspectral cameras can be used in various types of applications including astronomy, agriculture, molecular biology, biomedical imaging, geosciences, physics, and surveillance. This Hyperspectral Imaging Systems is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Hyperspectral Camera
The High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imager is miniaturized push-broom hyperspectral Imager covering the full VNIR (400-1000 nm) wavelength range.

Ultra-Compact Hyperspectral Camera
 It features extreme compactness and fast data transfer rate. The high performance Hyperspectral/Multispectral camera works in push-broom mode or snapshot

The Multispectral Imager is an 8-band push-broom multispectral camera with  interface. It features ultra-compactness and light weight (~ 180 g) with high spatial resolution.

UAV- Airborne Hyperspectral Camera
The UAV & Airborne Hyperspectral Imager and powerful package features signification reduction in size and weight, and faster data transfer rate with automatic data capturing and processing.

SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

As light in the shortwave infrared region (SWIR, 900-1700 nm) penetrates deeper and is not interfered by visible light, SWIR  used for remote sensing, inspection, sorting, surveillance, quality control, and host of other applications.

Airborne VIS-NIR Snapshot Hyperspectral Camera

The snapshot hyperspectral imager designed specifically for use on unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS), or remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Full VIS-NIR hyperspectral data with continuous spectral and spatial coverage in simple “point-and-shoot” operations. 

GoldenEye Snapshot Hyperspectral Camera
GoldenEye is the Ultimate Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager, Captures All in One Shot for wavelengths from visible to near infrared (NIR). Using FT-PI proprietary technology.

Handheld Snapshot Hyperspectral Camera

A Snapshot handheld hyperspectral imager spectral images brings for the first -time high performance hyperspectral/ Multispectral real-time imaging in compact handheld. The imager full, VIS-NIR with high spectral resolution at one snapshot.