Integrating Sphere

ORNET Malaysia with GL Optic Europe provides many types Integrating sphere, Photometric test and measurements of LED lamps and sources may be challenging because they come in many different shapes and sizes.

All our spheres connect to any GL Optic spectrometer using a direct connection. Integrating spheres have become a standard instrument in photometry.

Today, GL Optic produces high reflectance integrating spheres using modern materials such as composite and combining them with the latest calibration technology. The intelligent design of the Opti Sphere enables different adapters to be installed and allow measurement of a wide number of light sources. Front emitting diodes conforming to CIE recommendations can be measured at the wall entrance in 2π geometry. Other types of LEDs should be measured at the center of the sphere in 4π geometry. Configure the system as required by your application.

They are the optimal solution for luminous flux and radiant power measurement of single LEDs, LED luminaires and modules. The size of the sphere and the side-opening system facilitate the easy installation of a variety of light sources using additional adapters or holders, allowing full measurement flexibility. As with all our integrating sphere systems, this system can be equipped with any of our high-performance spectrometers and powerful automation and analysis software to produce a completely turnkey system that anyone can operate

- Luminous flux and radiant power measurements

- High reflection BaSO4 coating with 98 % reflection

- 2π and 4π configurations

- Suitable for compliance with international standards: EN 62471, IESNA LM-79-08, CIE 127:2007, CIE S 025/E:2015 and other

Please view the datasheet for more details.

Opti Sphere 205

Opti Sphere 500

Opti Sphere 1100

GL Large Opti Sphere

The GL Opti Sphere 205 offers an automated, easy to use alternative for measuring luminous flux and radiant power of LEDs and other small light sources. All measurements are compliant with the recommendation.

The Opti Sphere 500 was designed specifically for growing lighting companies in the booming LED retrofit business that need a quick and reliable solution to test & measure medium sized.

The GL Opti Sphere 1100 integrating sphere system has been designed for the measurement of luminous flux and radiant power of mid-size LED luminaires and large LED modules.

GL Opti Sphere 1500, 2000 and 3000 were designed for the measurement of large LED luminaires and modules for luminous flux, radiant power and color. These systems enable LM79 compliant testing.

GL Optic Opti Sphere 500 Integrating
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