Ocean Optics Handheld Raman

Ocean Optics introduced a new scientific grade Raman ACCUMAN SR series with the new upgrade of hardware configuration, comparable to the performance of the large-scale desktop Raman. With the supporting software fast and easy to use and the
comprehensive sampling kit, it greatly simplifies the complex sampling and data extraction process, sampling and data extraction process, and achieves the fast test results without complex instrument establishment.

At the same time, thanks to its compact and portable shape, independent operation of the handheld terminal and high capacity battery-powered, it. can analyze the data in various types of field environment outside the laboratory. Therefore, Accuman can be considered as a high-performance multi-dimensional product. ACCUMAN SR series can be widely used in the fields of chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, materials, art, archeology, jewelry, environmental pollution, counterfeit identification, semiconductor, teaching.

Field Identification

Due to its compact size and lightweight standalone design, with intelligent and convenient embedded system, SR series can realize the Raman spectrum acquisition and rapid identification independently without the computer.


Method : Create a standard Raman Spectroscopy method to achieve the “identification” function

Identification : Identify the sample by selecting the “Method”

Result : View the last result

Analysis : Search for the best matching result for the sample in the ” Library “

Library : Add and manage the standard Raman Spectrum data, support the user-defined database

Calibration : The instrument is calibrated automatically

Specification of ACCUMAN SR-510 Pro

Spectral Range*2-00~2000 cm-1200~3000 cm-1 200~3900 cm-1
Wavenumber Resolution4~6 cm-15~9 cm-1 *10~12 cm-1
Laser Parameters785nm±0.5nm,line width<2cm-1 , stability<0.1cm-1
Laser PowerMaximum output power 350mW,adjustable in 10 steps
Optical ParameterNA 0.22 7.5 mm working distance
DetectorTE cooling back-thinned CCD array
Integration Time0.1~30s
Screen4.5’LCD 720p capacitive multi-touch screen
Data TransmissionUSB 2.0/WiFi
Data Format.pdf .csv .txt .jdx .rdb
BatteryRechargeable Lithium battery with working hours>5 hours
WeightHandheld unit 330 g, main unit 3.8 kg
Dimensions15.5cmx7.4cmx2.5cm(handheld unit)
29cm×22cm×10cm(main unit)
Operating Temperature0~45℃
Software FunctionQuantitative modeling capabilities
Raman spectrum database management, test report
Similarity matching algorithm
Fluorescence background subtraction algorithm
Standard AccessoriesSampling holder, probe cap, calibration cap

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Advantages and Features

  • Reliable and Stable
  • Scientific research
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comprehensive configuration
  • Easy to use:
  • Free expansion: