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Fully autonomous flights, conducted within the safe distance from grids and terrain. Handling doesn’t require specialized flying skills. Using drones for inspections is more cost-efficient in comparison to traditional methods and allow for optimizing the maintenance budget. Using efficient UAVs allows for acquiring over a dozen kilometres of inspected power lines a day.

The BIRDIE fixed-wing drone those same combined qualities, but only when needed. Because the extra gear on VTOLs does add weight, energy-use, and complexity.


  • Automated/semi-automated photogrammetric flights on a set area
  • Linear and terrain mission planning
  • Flight plan managing
  • Transparent checklist – you won’t forget about anything during preparation for a flight
  • Integration with DroneRadar app – information about flight zones and ATC (Air Traffic Control) restrictions
  • Live weather conditions
  • UAV BIRDIE battery’s parameters (charge status, temperature, voltage) read directly from the app