Raman spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is like panning for gold. A wealth of information is there, if you can just sift through the rock, dirt, and sand obscuring it. The art to finding the gold in Raman spectra is the instrumentation, which must collect as many photons as possible while rejecting scattered laser light efficiently. Raman spectroscopy examines materials not through direct absorption, but by scattering of high intensity light in the hopes that one in a million photons scattered will commune with the vibrational and rotational states of a sample molecule and emit light of a slightly different wavelength.
QE series spectrometer preconfigured for 785 nm Raman analysis; modular options for 532 nm and other wavelengths are also available


785 nm diode laser for Raman excitation; 532 nm and other options are available


Raman coupled fiber probe for 785 nm with FC Excitation -SMA Collection; 7.5 mm working distance


Raman sample holder


Laser safety glasses block 785 nm/808 nm/1064 nm lasers; OD 7+, VLT 45% Green

Spectrometer operating software


Single-license chemometrics package from Analyze IQ


QE Pro with 785 nm Raman Laser Excitation
GratingSlitRaman ShiftResolution
1200 lines/mm50 µm150-2100 cm-1~6 cm-1
1200 lines/mm100 µm150-2100 cm-1~8 cm-1
600 lines/mm50 µm150-3950 cm-1~13 cm-1
600 lines/mm100 µm150-3950 cm-1~18 cm-1

Applications in which this product is used

  • Biotechnology Applications
  • Protein & Nucleic Acid Analysis
  • Agricultural Measurements and Monitoring
  • Food & Beverage Quality Control
  • Teaching Labs
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Polymer Analysis