Spe-ed SFE-15,000

Higher Pressure Oven-based Extraction System

The Spe-ed SFE-15000 is designed for higher pressure SCF extraction. Researchers investigating higher pressure extraction will find the Spe-ed SFE-15000 simple to operate, fast and affordable. The system has been designed with special high pressure components to reliably provide rugged service, and increased solubility of many compounds. For example, at 15,000 psi, triglycerides are completely miscible in SC-CO2.

The system features

  • temperatures to 240°C
  • pressure up to 15,000 psi (1000 BAR)
  • pump flow rates up to 400mL/min
  • independent control of flow rates to each vessel
  • fully-adjustable, non-clogging, variable restrictors
  • parallel processing capabilities of up to 2 vessels from 5mL to 1.0L
  • collection into SPE cartridges or standard glassware
  • in-line trapping capabilities
  • modifier addition capability
  • multiple flow path capability