Special Lasers
DC UV Series

DC50-351 | DC100-351 | DC150-351

As the first company to pioneer intracavity harmonic generation technologies and introduce the very first intracavity UV lasers in 1996, Photonics Industries remains an industry leader in producing efficient, simple, low cost of ownership (COO) lasers. Its DC series offers UV power with the best mode quality in the market.


Owing to key patented technologies, intracavity harmonic generation is inherently a more efficient harmonic conversion that provides better pulse to pulse stability and mode quality as well as a much simpler, more compact laser configuration. In addition to its patented intracavity Green generation, the end-pumped geometry of Photonics Industries’ DC UV Series lasers results in even better mode quality and field replaceable pump diodes, for the lowest COO possible.


Wavelength351 nm
Average Power @ 3 kHz500 mW1 W1.5 W
Recommended Power Range50% - 100%
Pulse Energy @ 1 kHz~0.25 mJ~0.5 mJ~1 mJ
Pulse Width @ 1 kHz (nominal)~25 ns~25 ns~20 ns
Repetition Rate1Hz to 10kHz
Pulse to Pulse InstabilityHorizontal; 100:1
4σ Beam Diameter @ exit~0.4 mm
Beam Divergence (Full Angle Far Field)< 2 mrad
Beam Circularity> 85%
Spatial ModeTEM00 0°C to 50°CM²<1.2TEM00 M²<1.5

Key Features

  • 351 nm wavelength
  • Compact, rugged, air-cooled design, water cooled option
  • Patented intracavity UV generation
  • TEM00 beam with typical M² < 1.2
  • Pulse rep rates from single shot to 10kHz
  • RS232 computer control
  • External TTL Triggering
  • All-in-one single box design for certain model