Dedicated to surveying and agriculture, BIRDIE UAV is the complete mapping solution, combining intuitive use and high-quality data, thanks to precise sensors and PPK L1 L2 onboard. Strongly user-friendly, requires no specialized flying skills. Easy launching, precise landing, automated flights – make BIRDIE a perfect match for each user.

Efficient mapping: coverage up to 8 sq km in one flight, high quality data thanks to 24-Mpix camera or optional 42-Mpix full-frame optical sensor.



 Wingspan (cm)


 Weight (kg)


Transport case & dimensions cm

63 × 59.7 × 31.5 

 Detachable wings



Smart Li-Ion 

Cruise speed (m/s) 


 Max. flight time (min)


 Takeoff method

Hand Launch (Push Backside)


Belly Landing (Reverse Thrust)


Radio link range (km)



Other connectivity systems 

4G LTE (Unlimited in Network Range)


 L1 or L1/L2

 Camera resolution (MPx)

 24 / 42

Key Features

  • High-class sensors: 24-Mpix camera or optional full-frame 42-Mpix camera
  • High productivity: flight time up to 60 minutes, coverage up to 8 km[3,09 mi2] in one flight
  • Unlimited connectivity range with 4G LTE 
  • Absolute accuracy up to 3 cm; maximum ground resolution up to 1cm
  • Intuitive handling, ready to fly in just a few minutes.