BIRDIE fixed-wing UAS (unmanned aerial system) with VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) capabilities. The BIRDIE is a complete mapping solution consisting of the fixed-wing platform, dedicated flight controller, PPK, full-frame camera and GSM connectivity for unlimited flight range.

The VTOL capability is delivered via extension modules that can be attached and detached at any time, giving the user flexibility of use. The use of the VTOL extension module is recommended when fixed-wing UAVs might encounter issues due to hard surfaces or lack of proper takeoff and landing space.


 Wingspan (cm)



 Weight (kg)


Transport case & dimensions cm

63 × 59.7 × 31.5 + Bag VTOL module (120 × 40 × 12)

 Detachable wings



Smart Li-Ion + Li Po for VTOL Module

Cruise speed (m/s) 


 Max. flight time (min)


 Takeoff method

Automated Vertical Takeoff


Automated Vertical Landing


Radio link range (km)



Other connectivity systems 

4G LTE (Unlimited in Network Range)


L1 or L1/L2

 Camera resolution (MPx)

24 / 42

Key Features

  • High-class sensors: 24-Mpix camera or optional full-frame 42-Mpix camera
  • High productivity: flight time up to 40 minutes, coverage up to 8 km[3,09 mi2] in one flight
  • Unlimited connectivity range with 4G LTE
  • Absolute accuracy up to 3 cm; maximum ground resolution up to 1cm
  • Intuitive handling, ready to fly in just a few minutes
  • Safe start, steep landing with the reverse thrust