VERSA 110 automated liquid handling

VERSA 110 with Safety Bar

This single-channel automated liquid handling platform with precise XYZ targeting allows the use of specialized plate types (carousel, collection tubes, cartridges, etc.) not compatible with other workstations. Utilizing dual pump pipetting module, the system can handle a broader range of volumes between 30nL to 1000µL. The VERSA 110 ensures that the only differences in your protocol will be increased throughput and precision.

VERSA 110 with HEPA/UV/LED Hood

Key Features

  • Full VNIR coverage (400-1000 nm)
  • Real-time sample preview
  • Extreme compact and light-weight
  • No moving parts, high reliability
  • “True push-broom”: scanning with random speed
  • Easy integration on different platforms


Volume Range30 µL – 1000µL
PrecisionCV <5% at 1 µL
Deck Capacity8
Pipetting Head1 Channel
Single Channel Pipetting FunctionYes
Accessory OptionsReagentDrop (up to 4)
HEPA/UV Enclosure
Dimensions (W x D x H)60 x 60 x 45 cm
Weight35 kg